Episode #145 – Teardown: How To 4x Your “Backlink Request” Emails


Episode #145 – Teardown: How To 4x Your “Backlink Request” Emails

April 1, 2020

Welcome back to Part 2 of our latest Teardown, where we analyze two cold emails that request backlinks in a more or less indirect way.

We will teach you how to write this kind of emails more effectively and multiply your results.

Email 1:

Subject: Video marketing feedback

Hey Jack,

Sorry about the random email, but I’ll keep it short – I’m working on some video marketing software that I thought you might find useful and would love to get your feedback on it (check out [link])

Any initial thoughts?

Cheers from Cleveland

Email 2:

Subject: Jeremy, your sales blogs are the best in the business, I’ve fresh information for you

Hi Jeremy,

I’m [Name], a marketing executive at [Company].

I’ve been following for sales related information and luckily stumbled upon your article The ultimate cold email checklist. It’s an amazing piece of resource for all Sales Professionals. Great work- Kudos to the team!

While reading your blog, I realized including how to send cold emails without blocking your account (hyperlinked) will be a great value addition for your readers. This guide is for beginners and professionals with the years-old problem of getting email blocked while sending a cold email. It covers all Dos and Don’ts.

Also please enlighten us, if you think our resource requires any change. We’re open to your suggestions and criticism.

If you’re not in charge of this, I request you to get me in touch with the appropriate person.

Waiting to hear from you.

Many Thanks

Now here are our thoughts, enjoy!

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Happy Cold Emailing!

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