#146 – How To Nail Your Sales Demo


#146 – How To Nail Your Sales Demo

April 8, 2020

In this episode our guest is Greg Rosner, Founder and CEO of PitchKitchen, a sales enablement agency.

The team at PitchKitchen fixes bad sales messaging, presentations and websites that make their solution the hero of the story, instead of their customer. As Greg says, nobody wants a presentation, they just want their problem solved, but if you make your pitch centered around the solution only, they are never going to buy from you.

Greg discovers for us the 12 conversations in a sales process, the key questions you should be asking your customer, shares useful resources and lots of actionable tips about building a sales relationship with your prospect. Enjoy!

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • What are the most common mistakes that sales people make in their presentations?
  • The 12 essential conversations a sales person is having with customers
  • What “mindset” should we have when we approach demo meetings?
  • What questions should we be asking during a demo?
  • What’s the hardest thing to teach people when it comes to giving a great demo?
  • Is it an art or a science to come up with a repeatable sales script?
  • How to personalize the pitch for each lead
  • Why sales pitch for SaaS is no longer different than for other industries
  • How to onboard a team member to do demos well
  • What slides we should delete right now
  • What’s more important – text or images?
  • Slides as conversations and not documents
  • Sales people as guides and not heroes

Like a cold email, a pitch deck should start a conversation and create a relationship with your customers. It’s about people to people conversations, rather than showcasing your product or a service. And to learn more about nailing your sales demo, check out Greg’s recommended resources below.

Happy Cold Emailing!

Jeremy & Jack



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