#144 – Teardown: Copywriting Hacks For Becoming THE Go-To Expert In Your Market


#144 – Teardown: Copywriting Hacks For Becoming THE Go-To Expert In Your Market

March 25, 2020

Hey folks, here’s another Teardown episode where you will learn some useful copywriting tips and hacks for your future cold email campaigns.

This episode is in two parts. In each part we will analyze two different emails and share our thoughts on what works, what doesn’t and how to make these cold emails better. This is Part 1, enjoy!

Email 1

Subject line: Integration partnership w/ QuickMail

Hi Jeremy,

We interviewed more than a hundred high-growth startups (most of them YC companies) and found that there are only two things that would make them switch from outreach as their go-to sales outreach tool.

1. Centralized management and billing for all their tools and 2. Saving money (given that the quality of tools is the same or higher).

We [company name] provide SMEs with one unified platform, where they can discover, subscribe to and manage their favorite SaaS tools.

Are you open to exploring how we could get QuickMail more users?



Email 2

Subject line: Churn reduction / Market speed increase – partnership


Since you’re the Founder of I was wondering if reducing involuntary or voluntary churn of your subscriptions is on your agenda, or if you have any challenges with your go-to-market speed or knowledge/capabilities to sell internationally so that your products become more competitive.

To give you some idea about how we work, I’m sharing some findings and benchmarks [hyperlinked] on the topics above.

Is this something of interest to you?

Best regards,


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